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[In the background, there are a bunch of shifting noises, as he sifts through the rubble.]

Where is it... WHERE IS IT?

[A loud thud and a low snarl. Bitch, you did NOT just destroy his poetry book!]

[Oh, and the room's a problem, too.]

Second Scheme [Public, Voice]

There's no need for all this commotion. As deplorable as Ms. Johnson's blatant ignorance is, those of us who actually live and work on airships tend by and large to know better than to judge one another by such worthless measures. What a crew member needs to have is competence and loyalty, and in those respects, I've never observed any inherent differences between humans and demihumans.

If some old Ivonian hag thinks otherwise, let her. Her opinion is worthless.

First Scheme [Various Filters; Voice]

[Filter: Public]

Someone recommend me a decent tobacconist in Garrettstown.

[Filter: The Convoy]

[His voice is clipped and professional] This is the frequency for the Convoy, correct? I'm looking for work. To whom should I direct my inquiries?

[Filter: Private]

Eleven long months
A home lost, no sight of you
Time to start again

...I'm getting sentimental with age. That won't do.


[OOC: I'm starting the numbering on his posts over, 'cause he's been gone all year. So there. Also, he got the Convoy's frequency from Pip.]
There's a common thread uniting the major incidents of the last year-- attacks out of nowhere, well-coordinated and carried out in secrecy, striking at highly public targets, incurring heavy death tolls, but never coming out and stating a purpose. It's been nearly a year since Kropmork, and there still haven't been any plausible suspects.

I find it likely that these incidents are related, if only because it's implausible to have multiple organizations capable of carrying that sort of mission out in complete secrecy, which just all happen to be advancing the same aims of spreading fear and instability.

For once, the 4423 hasn't been directly affected by the most recent event. Hell, under other circumstances, I'd say it would even be a good thing for us, to have Ivona's government attacked in a way that leaves them less time to worry about us pirates. But to me, right now, the assassination just reminds me whoever is doing these things is still active--which can only be a bad thing for us.

We were there at Kropmork. We were struck on Lunasa. We were the sole survivors of Doma. We are at greater risk of having seen something to implicate the guilty and not yet realized it than perhaps anyone else, and therefore at greater risk of being struck by an enemy who sees no borders.

I won't suggest that we shouldn't go to this race. But I advise that we dock away from the other ships that are going, and keep security high during and after the race itself. It would be like this enemy to attack during a large, international event like this, and I'd rather exercise more caution than turns out to be necessary than to see them finally succeed in killing us all.

Captain. How is your recovery coming?

[Private to Anko, Samurai Buddies]

Anything new?


Forty-eighth Scheme [Various Filters]

[Filtered to Self | Difficult to Hack]

...Gods, is it that day again?


...Thirty isn't old. It isn't.

[Filtered to 4423 | Unhackable]

I don't think I've yet gotten used to the idea that we pulled something off without dire consequences. At this rate, you might not drive me into an early grave.

[Filtered to Souji | Unhackable]

Are you feeling better?


Forty-seventh Scheme [Various Filters]

[Filter: Self | Unhackable]Collapse )

[Filter: 4423 | Unhackable]

It's been likely from the beginning that someone in our midst was behind the bombs on Lunasa. I don't want to hear you all crying about a betrayal we already knew happened. Deal with it, and move on.

[Filter: Ninja Buddy and Samurai Buddies Anko, Kambei, Gorobei, and Heihachi]

I don't trust this. It works out well for us in the short term, but assuming that the man responsible for Lunasa is also responsible for Doma, on such slight evidence, seems like asking for trouble down the road.

See what you can find out about Darr on your own, if opportunity permits. And keep a good eye on Kefka. Something about him is off.

[Filter: Heihachi | Unhackable]

Holding up?

[Filter: Manwife Souji]

I don't trust Kefka. I know the two of you both work in the engine room, but keep clear of him to the extent that you can.

[Filter: Hiruma | Unhackable]


[Filter: Isako | Unhackable]

I have some questions that I want to ask our friend Mr. Darr, if I may.

[Silence for a while. A slow breath, probably accompanied by rising smoke.]

[Private to 4423 | Unhackable]

[Hijikata's voice is as firm and calm as ever it has been.]

There's no sense in panicking. It's obvious that our situation is bad, but thoughtless reactionism will only dig the hole deeper.

Someone is responsible, and in all likelihood, someone is pinning the blame on us consciously, whether it's to cover their tracks or to give people a convenient explanation, someone to blame so they can deal with their grief and fear and hate. When we have the opportunity, we will have to deal with these people, but survival is our top priority for the moment.

As important as crew solidarity is at a time like this, I will say once: [A note of anger creeps into his voice] If I ever find out that one of you was involved, I will deal with them personally.

[His voice goes calm and steady again.] For now, the crew should concern itself with making sure any injuries from the battle have been treated, storing and keeping track of our spoils from it, and making certain the ship is still in top condition. You have your duties; focus on them, and let the Captain and officers worry about how to deal with this.

[Locked to Anko, Kambei, Gorobei, Heihachi | Unhackable]Collapse )

[Locked to Isako, Winry, and Hiruma | Unhackable]Collapse )

[Locked to Self | Unhackable]Collapse )

Forty-fourth Scheme [4423 | UNHACKABLE]

I'll be remaining on board during this raid unless it becomes strictly necessary for me to leave the 4423, in order to better monitor our situation.

With the increased danger of interference these past few months, communication will be crucial to a successful operation. I want regular updates as often as it's plausible, from whoever has useful information-- boarding forces, pilots, anyone. Just be dead certain your posts are locked properly.

Until we board, I want those not yet directly engaged in combat to keep their eyes on the sky for any trouble.

Speed is critical. I want you to get in, do the job, and get back out as fast as you damned well can without doing a slipshod job of it, and I want the ship ready to get the Hell out of here the moment our crew and cargo are on board.

Those boarding, be ready to move as soon as the word is given.

Forty-Third Scheme [4423 | Unhackable]

Don't act surprised. We knew what work we signed on to do... It's about damned time we stopped hiding from it.

I'll be in my quarters if anyone needs me.

[ooc: For anyone who wants to notice, Hijikata did a lot of shopping out of his savings while they were in town. His clothes are more or less the same, but newer and better made, with a few noticeably new articles. So yeah, if anyone observant enough wants to call him out on being a closet fop, DO IT.]

Forty-Second Scheme [Public]

Combating terrorism, my ass. Those sons of bitches don't have the first damned idea who was behind the assassinations or the bombings, and they're trying to draw attention away from their own ignorance by picking on an easy target. Taking money from a disadvantaged group while they're at it... Fucking wretches.

One of the ideological benefits Vohemar has always had over Ivona has been its opportunity for, and acceptance of, those who for whatever reason don't fit into the mainstream. Its leaders would do well to remember that when making decisions.

Ideology and inefficiency aside, this is a terrible tactical move. If everyone, humans included, were required to be registered in such a manner, in Vohemar, there would be a goddamned rebellion on the leaders' hands the moment news got out. Why should the demihumans react any differently? In singling demihumans out, we do not make ourselves safer; we make ourselves into enemies. A confederation such as Vohemar survives through willing cooperation. We have no need to create or feed meaningless divisions.
Whoever is available, go to help the Captain in town.

Pilots, I want you after them now.

[Gunners, Mechanics, Pilots, Hiruma, and Isako]

The ship won't be able to catch up to the balloon easily, but it's got better weapons than the planes. Is there any way we can temporarily affix one of the ship's weapons onto one of them, and still have it airworthy?

If you can cause a significant puncture in the balloon's surface, it won't be able to get away easily. All you need is one good shot...And the cargo should be able to survive whatever we throw at it, so don't hold anything back.


Fourtieth Scheme


Islands don't just disappear without an explanation. Thoughts?


I don't like this. If there's a weapon with the power to destroy whole islands, it could be turned on cities. People should know if something like that exists...

...The only thing I've ever seen with nearly that much power is whatever dropped the island we found that creature on out of the sky. And since that island seemed perfectly stable until we awoke the creature, it's reasonable to assume that either it or whatever was keeping it there was the catalyst.

That makes our client among those most likely to have information. If they do, how far do we let this go? It's not as though they're loyal to us. That kind of power could easily be turned on us.

I could be wrong. It could be something entirely different--a natural failing of whatever keeps us up here, perhaps. But I don't like how all this feels.


I need to ask a favor of you. It's personal this time, nothing to do with the navy.


...Thank you for spending the Long Night with me.

[Embarrassed pause, then a click]

[There's a little bit of wind interference, enough to indicate that he's out on deck] One of you was wondering what was down there, a while back.

Here's your chance at an answer.

...Today has been more eventful than I accounted for. It's a lucky thing any of us survived that collapse, and a goddamned miracle that we did. Some of us have that little creature to thank for it.

...Hn. I'm getting a drink, a smoke, and some goddamned rest. I recommend that the rest of you do likewise, at least for the rest.

[ooc: And...the earlier "who's-been-sleeping-in-my-bed" scene still happens, once he's gotten that drink and smoke taken care of. Because his trap is a bed-stealing sillyhead.]

Thirty-ninth Scheme [4423 | Voice]

That could have been more catastrophic. At least the mission was accomplished...

Captain, how long until we're off this rock?

[Filtered to Self | Close to unhackable]

[Slightly amused] And who's this sleeping in my bed?

[A bit of rustling, and his voice grows quiet] It hasn't been so long that they've reassigned my quarters, has it? Move over.

[OOC: After Penelo and Mama released him, Souji-the-pining-manwife went and took a nap in Hijikata's room, where he has been found. Obviously, this post is set after the salvage log.]
Cut for length and abuse of iambic pentameterCollapse )

[[OOC: I've been promising bad poetry for ages; HERE IT IS. Quick, mock him for it, while he's still too disoriented to fix the security and kill you for your insolence!

This post courtesy of his brain not quite being all better yet.]]
Souji and I will be out for a while, to get a look at the market and do some errands. If I'm urgently needed for anything, it may be faster to send someone after me than to wait for me to check my journal.

Thirty-Sixth Scheme [Voice]

[Filter: Self, Security: Unhackable]

[A few seconds of quiet, followed by a slow exhale.] ...I wonder if I've made a mistake.

[There's a long pause, then shuffling paper noises.] ...I have work to do.


[Filter: Souji, Security: Unhackable, Added several hours after the above]

Tell me what I did.


Thirty-Fifth Scheme [Voice]

Anyone who's still wondering how or why a person would orchestrate an attack like this is either witless or naive.

[Filter: Isako, Hiruma | Unhackable]

I have my theories about the bomb incident taking into account the new information. No identifiable culprits as of yet, but some thoughts on motives and possible later actions...

[Filter: Gorobei | Really hard to hack]

Katayama, we need to talk.

OOC: Character Notes

TST-specific, with oblique historical references thrown in to taste. Dammit, guys, don't make me bandwagon when I have this much homework ;A;

He's a devil in the morning and a savior at nightCollapse )
[Dead serious] Katayama. I have reason to suspect that someone has been tailing me for the last several days. I don't want Souji to know--he'd get upset--and there isn't cause to bring the whole damned crew into this if it's a personal vendetta or something. I've seen you in times of crisis, and trust that you can handle this with the necessary discre--

[There's a crash near the recorder; Hijikata hisses in pain. There are scuffling noises in the background as he shouts at the communicator.] Fuck! What the he--

[There's a loud thump. The recording cuts out.]

[ooc: Hijikata is fighting dirty :| No, there's not actually anything wrong--this is all about his bet with Gorobei.]

Thirty-third Scheme [Public]

Anyone who's set foot within sight of Abantiare knows how long overdue this action is. Frankly, the only surprising thing about the situation is that no one on the Union side started anything on this scale earlier, and no one on the officials' side had the common sense to see it coming.

Yet another example of the blatant, pitiful failings of Ivona's so-called elite to keep the damned place from falling to pieces.

Thirty-Second Scheme [4423 | Unhackable]

I've collected on a few old debts. Money's going in the ship fund.

[ooc: Yeah, there were threats of horrific dismemberment involved. It's just business, really...]

Private to Toshirou Hijikata | Unhackable

Toshirou. What the Hell is going on over there? Figures you'd get your fool ass in trouble the minute you left us be...
[A long silence]

Mh...[there's a little bit of shuffling, and a groan of annoyance]...Too much light in here. Fucking morning...afternoon...thing.

[More shuffling, as he sticks a pillow over his head. The recording cuts out after a while.]

[ooc: No, he's not hung over, just exhausted. Hijikata will be trying to sleep all this craziness off for a while yet, since he pretty much got the bare minimum of sleep required to not just fall over and die in the last week and a half.]


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